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The CabinBookers 2021 UK Holiday Survey

The results of our annual UK Holiday Survey are in!

After a devastating year for the holiday and tourism industry, we were keen to find out if the public’s attitude to UK holidays has changed. Are people still planning to take a well-earned UK break or has the coronavirus crisis made us holiday-shy?

Staycations have continued to increase over the past few years, and with travel restrictions in place during 2020, many Brits had little choice but to visit UK holiday destinations. Will they now want to venture further afield or prefer to stay local?

UK Holiday Statistics

It seems as though the thirst for domestic holidays remains strong. We asked survey participants if they were planning to have a staycation within the next year, and 93% said they were. That’s an increase on last year’s figure of 90%!  

This will be welcome news for British accommodation providers who have suffered greatly with the stop-start holiday regulations during 2020 and 2021. In addition, our survey revealed insights into UK holiday makers preferences that could further increase bookings

Changing Demand

From the responses we received, a stand-out statistic is the large appetite for more eco-friendly and sustainable domestic holidays. 87% of the people we asked stated that eco-friendly holiday accommodation would appeal to them.

This may well be due to increased awareness of climate change and carbon emissions. 74% of the people we surveyed said that these two factors influence where they choose to take a holiday.

Pet Peeves

An interesting finding was that a majority of respondents (62%)said they thought the amount of pet-friendly accommodation was inadequate and that they would welcome more options.

For property owners with a lack of occupancy, this indicates that welcoming pets could be an easy way to enhance bookings.

In last years survey, we found that there was a big increase in people seeking out holidays close to nature. This demand for countryside retreats has continued in 2021, with 7 out of 10 people saying the UK should have more National Parks to enjoy.

To support increasing the number of National Parks and improving British holiday experiences, 81% of the people we asked thought that the UK Government should be investing additional funds into domestic tourism destinations.


The data provided by our survey participants indicates that the short term outlook for the UK holiday market is very good.

By offering eco and pet-friendly holiday accommodation, property owners will be addressing two pain points for people looking to take a staycation, and occupancy levels may well improve as a result.

Furthermore, guilt regarding carbon emissions and climate change looks likely to blunt the future growth of international air travel, regardless of the relaxation of coronavirus travel restrictions.

Survey Details: The CabinBookers 2021 UK Holiday Survey was conducted in the United Kingdom between July 2 – 6, 2021. 678 UK based respondents were included in the final analysis.