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The CabinBookers 2020 UK Holiday Survey

The results of our 2nd annual UK Holiday Survey have arrived!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the holiday industry has been at a standstill for the past two months, and in this year’s survey we wanted to see how the UK holiday industry will be affected once lockdown has ended. 

In recent years, staycations have been on an upward curve, but will this trend continue after the crisis has abated?

UK Holiday Statistics

When we asked British residents if they were planning a holiday after lockdown restrictions were lifted, the results were overwhelmingly positive, with 94% of people saying they were planning to take a break.

Interestingly, in a sign that staycations could boom after the crisis is over, 90% of survey respondents said they were planning to have a UK holiday. 



The choice of UK destinations may be partly due to the financial impact of the pandemic, as 44% of people stated that their holiday budget had been negatively affected by the crisis, while 48% of respondents said they would be actively seeking budget friendly accommodation such as glampsites.

Holiday Preferences

According to data from our survey, the lockdown has left people yearning for Britain’s natural world. 8 in 10 people said they now had a higher appreciation for the UK’s beauty spots

We also found that rural holiday accommodation will be in high demand. 86% said they would choose to have a countryside holiday, rather than opting for a city break. 



The desire for rural retreats could be linked to how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting the nation’s mental health.

96% of survey respondents said they found that spending time in the countryside improved their mental well-being.


A Changing Climate

Our results indicate that British holiday destinations will also be a priority in the long term (7 in 10 people will spend more money on UK holidays in the future).

However, holidays abroad still have a decent fan base. If the lockdown is lifted, 32% of the people we questioned are planning to holiday abroad in the near future. 

Climate change and carbon emissions also weighed heavily on our respondents minds. 66% said they were concerned about airplane carbon emissions, and that this issue would limit their foreign travel.



The information provided by our survey participants indicates that the coronavirus pandemic will fuel a desire for UK holidays once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Contributing factors to this demand are more limited financial budgets, an enhanced appreciation of countryside areas, and the mental health benefits of being close to nature.

Conversely, demand for holidays abroad is likely to suffer in both the short and long term, with the economic impacts of coronavirus and airplane carbon emissions being the primary causes.

Survey Details: The CabinBookers 2020 UK Holiday Survey was conducted in the United Kingdom between April 20 – 24, 2020. 581 UK based respondents were included in the final analysis.