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The CabinBookers 2019 UK Holiday Survey

The results of our first ever UK Holiday Survey are in!

During the past few years, domestic holiday breaks or ‘staycations‘ have surged in popularity, and we wanted to investigate which factors are responsible for this growth.

We were also keen to know whether the demand for staycations will continue to rise in the near future.

UK Holiday Statistics

When we asked British residents if they were planning a domestic holiday, or had already stayed at a UK holiday destination in 2019, the results were overwhelmingly positive.

Among all survey respondents, 75% had already had a UK break, while 92% were planning a UK holiday during the remainder of 2019.

In terms of stay duration, 2-3 night breaks were the most popular choice (55%), while 30% of people planned to stay for a week or longer.

We found that Generation Xer’s (age 40-54) were the age group most likely to plan a holiday closer to home (52%).

What Is Fuelling Staycations?

According to data from our survey, the on-going confusion surrounding Brexit is prompting around 1 in 10 people to plan a British holiday, instead of travelling to Europe.

Interestingly, climate change and the awareness of airplane carbon emissions are also contributing to the growth in local breaks. 75% of respondents stated they were worried about the effects of climate change, and around 1 in 7 people (14%) said this was the deciding factor in choosing a domestic rather than an international holiday.

Accommodation & Intentions

Property cost is the primary motivating factor when choosing accommodation, with 42% of people saying this was their most important holiday decision. The location was also significant (25%), but the effect of online property reviews may be dwindling – only 8% of respondents said this was an essential element to their accommodation choice.

42% of the people we surveyed stated that the main intention of their UK holiday was to relax and be closer to nature, with 45% also saying they had experienced a glamping holiday. Of the various types of glamping accommodation, stays in camping pods (35%), and shepherd’s huts (18%), were the most popular choices.

Finally, a third of people said that they see glamping as ideal for a romantic break with a partner, rather than for a family holiday (20%)

Survey Details: The CabinBookers 2019 UK Holiday Survey was conducted in the United Kingdom between May 17 – 19, 2019. 504 UK based respondents were included in the final analysis.