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David Attenborough – UK’s Top Nature Hero

Published on 08/01/2020 by cabinbookers78

As concern about climate change and the natural world continues to grow, we thought it was an apt time to reflect on the people who devote their lives to protecting nature.

Luckily, there are many people around the world who are inspiring others to take a stand, and in the UK we have several high-profile figures who have definitely had a positive impact on conservation throughout their lives.

With this in mind, we speculated who our Twitter followers would think was the UK’s Top Nature Hero, and after much debate decided to include 4 popular conservation icons.

  • Chris Packham – TV presenter and wildlife expert.
  • Jane Goodall – World leading chimpanzee conservationist.
  • David Attenborough – Broadcaster and natural historian.
  • George Monbiot – Journalist and environmental activist.

Our Twitter audience were in no doubt who should be crowned the ultimate nature hero – David Attenborough winning with a massive 66.7% of the vote, way ahead of 2nd placed Chris Packham.

It surprised us that George Monbiot ranked ahead of Jane Goodhall, but this may be due to his growing profile and relationship with the popular Extinction Rebellion movement, while the majority of Jane’s work has taken place outside the UK.

However, there is no disputing that David’s longevity and prominent role in the fight against climate change and habitat loss have made him a legendary conservation figure – our Twitter Poll results certainly appear to demonstrate his continued popularity.

At Cabinbookers, protecting natural environments is a high priority – the peacefulness of nature is one of the reasons we were founded, and we donate a percentage of our revenue to conservation charities.

*Social polls may be unreliable because of the relatively low number of respondents and the way algorithms organise content.

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